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We respect your time and commitment and we in turn are committed to ensuring we develop your skills further. Here are 8 reasons why you should volunteer:

Challenge Islamophobia

Be part of the UK’s leading grass roots campaign dedicated to tackling Islamophobia across all aspects of society. Our people come from all walks of life; we have lawyers, entrepreneurs, doctors, teachers, housewives, students and much more.

You’ll fit right in!

A positive message of Islam and Muslims

Islamophobia Awareness Month is all about dispelling negative stereotypes about Muslims. We want to promote a positive message which acknowdlges the immense contribution made by Muslims in the UK.

Challenge the Media

We all get frustrated and at times despondent when we see false stories on Muslims in the media. Our masterclass will make you an expert in challenging incorrect stories and gaining apologies/corrections from major publishers.

Educate your community

We encourage all volunteers to master our landmark ‘Islamophobia – causes and cures’ presentation. Once you’ve been assessed on your delivery of it, you can present it publicly too. We have already presented it to over 30,000 people.

Build a safer Britain

We have created bespoke Islamophobia content for schools which teachers now use across the UK as part of PSHE sessions. We also deliver presentations at dozens of Universities each year.

Realise British Muslim potential

Unlock your potential and make an impact in changing our society for the better.

Support Victims of Islamophobia

The Islamophobia Response Unit (IRU) is a free and confidential advice service for those affected by Islamophobic discrimination and Islamophobic hate crime. We are always looking for new case workers with a legal back ground to help victims of Islamophobic discrimination.

Build New Skills

Whether it’s public speaking, project management or learning to effectively lobby. Volunteering with us will gives you ample opportunities to develop new skills. We have a dedicated training programme that all volunteers can undertake in order to develop new skills.

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