Welsh Women Of Impact: Panel Event

The ‘Welsh Muslim Women of Impact’ panel event unfolded as a poignant embodiment of this year’s campaign theme, #MuslimStories. The theme seamlessly interwove into the fabric of discussions, revealing storytelling as a potent tool for connection and empowerment.

The panelists, through their compelling narratives, not only inspired the audience but also provided clear actionable steps to overcome barriers and actively engage in community activism and journalism.

Attendees found themselves inspired by the resilience and strength from panelists Shazia Ali, SaadiaSpeaks and Sharifah. The narratives not only served as motivational tales but also offered tangible actions, guiding individuals toward involvement in various causes.

With an intimate setting, good vibes and some chai, a newfound sisterhood emerged. Through the shared experiences and collective wisdom of the panelists, attendees discovered a sense of solidarity, underscoring the transformative power of storytelling in fostering connections and breaking down barriers. The ‘Welsh Muslim Women of Impact’ event proved that, indeed, #MuslimStories are not just stories; they are catalysts for change, inspiration, and the cultivation of a powerful sisterhood.

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