Cardiff Radio: Unity In Our Community

On November 4th, Unity In Our Community hosted Faisal to introduce listeners to Islamophobia Awareness Month and share some messages around compassion, tolerance and understanding through his journey as an active community member. He details how we can promote unity and build community bridges through sports, supporting youth, interfaith, tackling homelessness, cleaning up the street programmes and more forms of philanthropy. The segment concludes with a powerful reminder that everyone share similarities in our wants and needs and the media needs to represent the positives we see locally in our collective efforts.

In Jess’s own words the segment aims to ‘explore the importance of dispelling myths, promoting inclusivity, and building bridges between communities.’ To listen to the entire segment, please check out the recording here:


Article provided by MEND


Educate Against Islamophobia: University of Edinburgh Teacher Training School


Cardiff Muslim High School Assembly