University of Edinburgh: IAM Dinner

On Friday 25th November, the Islamic Society (ISoc) of the University of Edinburgh hosted a formal dinner to mark the end of IAM 2022. Students and members of the community were invited to the event which took place on campus. The evening commenced with speakers from Sulemaan Mohi, ISoc President; Nasim Azad, Muslim Council of Scotland; and Linsay Taylor from MEND. A four course meal was provided for attendees and the evening was concluded with an Islamic reminder by Maulana Mohammad of Blackhall Mosque, Edinburgh.

We would like to thank ISocEd for hosting this event and for organising several fantastic gatherings throughout the month of IAM. We would like to extend our thanks to all of the speakers who spoke so passionately about the significance of IAM, and to all of the guests for attending the dinner.


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