IAM Event with MEND: Causes and Cures of Islamophobia

On Wednesday 23rd November, the University of Sheffield Islamic Society invited MEND to deliver an event to raise awareness of Islamophobia as part of the annual Islamophobia Awareness Month campaign.

The causes and cures of Islamophobia workshop was delivered. The workshop aimed to educate the attendees on the definition of Islamophobia, how it manifests in the UK, the causes behind its rise and what could be done to tackle it.

The attendees were shocked to hear that the latest home office figures show that almost 50% of religiously-motivated hate crimes were towards the Muslim community despite being only around 5% of the UK population.

MEND would like to thank the Islamic Society for inviting us and we look forward to working again with the Islamic Society in the future.

MEND offers numerous workshops, presentations and trainings. Therefore, if you’d like a session delivered at your organisation or company, then do get in touch.


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