IAM Launch: Welsh Senedd

On the 31st of October, history was made in the Senedd as over 50 individuals, ranging from parliamentarians to representatives from third sector organizations and public services, gathered for the first national launch commemorating Islamophobia Awareness Month this year. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation and determination, as attendees united to address the pervasive issue of Islamophobia in Wales.

The success of the event owes much to the generous sponsorship of Sioned Williams MS and the collaborative efforts of partners such as the Muslim Council of Wales, Race Council Cymru, and the Syrian Welsh Society, whose support was instrumental in bringing this vital initiative to life.

Powerful and emotional speeches from local activists and parliamentarians underscored the urgency of the cause. A particularly poignant moment came when a Cardiff constituent shared a heart-wrenching testimony about their experience with Islamophobia growing up in Skewen. These personal narratives served as a stark reminder of the real impact of prejudice on individuals and communities.

As we reflect on this inaugural event, it serves as a rallying point for a united front against discrimination, reinforcing the commitment to building a more inclusive and tolerant Wales.


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