I am honoured to be the ambassador for Islamophobia Awareness Month 2023. I am a passionate and dedicated advocate for inclusivity, understanding, and the eradication of Islamophobia from society.

It is IAM’s vision to see a society free from Islamophobia in all of its forms and the campaign widely recognised and supported every year. I am deeply committed to IAM’s goals of not only combating Islamophobia, but also highlighting the positive contributions that Muslims make to society.

Regardless of your background, join us on this month-long journey of awareness and action. [Let’s stand together to combat ignorance and discrimination with positive recognition, respect, and understanding.] Together, we can build a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Take part in the conversation, be part of the solution.

Moeen Munir Ali OBE

IAM Ambassador 2023


IAM Launch: Scottish Parliament


Educate Against Islamophobia: University of Edinburgh Teacher Training School