Islamophobia Training: Leeds City College

On Tuesday 22nd November, Luminate Education Group held a training session that was delivered to staff and students at Leeds City College as part of Islamophobia Awareness Month (IAM).

The IAM workshop was delivered to educate attendees on Islamophobia. The workshop began by looking at the different forms of Islamophobia and how it manifests itself. It then moved on to understanding the theme of the IAM campaign this year, ‘tackling denial’, and how denial of Islamophobia exists in multiple sectors including social and media spaces.

Thereafter, examples of positive contributions of British Muslims to society were shown including the Muslim doctors who lost their lives serving NHS patients in the first wave of the covid-19 pandemic. Finally, the workshop ended on ways individuals and organisations could get involved with the campaign.

IAM would like to thank Luminate Education Group and Leeds City College for inviting us to deliver a much needed workshop.


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